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We are creative nerds who know their tech.

Uniquely innovative and fun.

We begin each project with understanding the client's business, so we can offer the best solution and technology. We make sure working with us develops the business of our client. We invite you to get to know the details of our approach to software development!

We'll carefully discuss your ideas and goals of your application. We'll help you visualize the end result and describe it, so that everyone involved knows what we want to achieve.

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What we bring to the table

Graphic and UI Design

As a friendly and easy to use interface is necessary to an products's success, we'll build UI prototypes for you to test. Once they're approved, we'll make sure the product is slick and pleasant to the eye.


We know how to develop software. We've built quite a few! We also know that what we're building needs to have business value for you. Our team will be in touch on a daily basis, so you're confident we’re meeting your goals.

Launch and Maintenance

At these critical stages we’ll be there to assist you to ensure that everything is running smoothly and without any glitches. We'll be there to assist you with growing your business even further.

Reach new business heights
with Big Drop.

From whiteboard to app store, we'll build your moonshot

We build software that achieves business success and has transformational effects on organisations and their people.

Our developers have years of experience behind their belt. Capable of thinking out of the box, they know when to use the latest tech tools and when to stick to the conventional stuff. Apart from it we use test driven development to produce working and future proof software.

Script languages are just like tools, you need the right one for the job.

It’s hard to find a problem our engineers can’t solve - but it’s a lot trickier if you start by trying to push a square peg through a round hole.
Our commitment to a multi-language and multi-disciplinary development approach ensure that the right language is proposed for your build with experts who can get it done right.

Trusted in the industry

These companies have trusted us with
building the key peices of their business.

Trusted by comapanies in over 20 domains and counting...

We are the only one year old you'd ever want in your business.

- Nandini Gulati

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Big Drop team. I really enjoyed how they organised the whole process using Trello. The Big Drop team has a never say "No" attitude. They tried their best to remove any new challenge that I sent their way and provided innovative solutions to problems. I can whole-heartedly recommend their work.”

Founder at Healthy Habits Now
- Sanjit Singh Batra

“I have worked with Big Drop over the last year, who have helped me produce an Amazon Mechanical Turk pipeline. Naved, my developer is a painstaking, honest and sincere person and has strong technical skills for problems involving web development and scripting. ”

Machine Learning Research Intern
- Fahmida Ozair

“The Software team has been amazing. They are not just code monkeys or drones. They are truly an extension of our core team. They challenge our ideas and have many times shown us better ways of completing our tasks. If there were stars to choose from I would give them 6 out of 5.”

CEO, Softage Information Technology Limited

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